Friday, April 5, 2013

I think I should start spring training now

Then again, I think spring should have started by now too so we all know how that works.  BUT.  I have been reading Run Less, Run Faster and I have decided to give it a shot.  I've based my training on a 39 minute 5k time (which is somewhere between my fastest and my slowest) and I've set it up to start the week after I get back from DAR State Conference.  In between I'm going to try to do a little base building, which is what I've been trying to do for the last month and failing.  ANYWAY.

So my first week of training will look like this:

April 23 - Track Repeats - 8 repeats of 400 meters with a 400 meter recovery interval - target pace for repeats is 2:58 (I've never done repeats, but I understand I can program my trusty Garmin to yell at me appropriately)

April 24 - Cross Training - I am going to use the bike with the trainer for this - 10 minutes easy, 8 minutes tempo, 7 minutes easy (tempo should correspond to about short sentence effort)

April 25 - Tempo Run - 5k (3.1 miles) at 12:50 pace

April 26 - Cross Training - 10 minutes easy, 10 minutes tempo, 5 minutes easy

April 28 - Long Run - 10k (6.1 miles) at 13:20 pace

I know I can do the paces for everything but track and I understand that is supposed to be my major hard workout every week.  I am going for an improved 10k time.  My last 10k was about 1:20 and that was planned as I took it really, really easy.  This 12 week plan will get me through to July, although my goal 10k is actually at the end of June.

Can I work out 5 days a week and keep it up?  Who knows.  I like that the cross training can be done indoors and it is in minutes so should only eat a half hour of my day.  I'm a slow runner, so a simple 5k takes 40 minutes if I don't drive to the park to do it.  Add driving to the park and it takes an hour of my day.

If the plan is too ambitious, I can always recalculate.  But the point is for it to be hard.  Here's to hard work.

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