Sunday, June 16, 2013

Half Marathon Training vs. DAR

I have been trying to stay on schedule with my training despite the best efforts of the rest of my life to throw a wrench in it.  But yesterday made me really stop and re-consider some things.

I had always believed I would be a Chapter Regent for one year before becoming the Secretary/Treasurer of the Memphis & Shelby County Regents' Council the second year and then going on to be the President of the Council the third year.  Chapter Regents serve for 3 years, and this would round things out nicely. 

But yesterday I found out that I am S/T THIS year.  Now.  And will be President next.  Which made me have to stop and re-think some goals.

I love running, and running is important to me.  But when I chose to get in the line to become Regent I knew I was going to put everything else behind DAR for those 3 years. 

My chosen half marathon was to be Labor Day weekend.  The first event that I am involved in with the Council is two weeks after that.  I also have travel commitments for my state-level chairmanship during July and August.  So....

I am going to continue to train but am pushing my goal race to October to give me more room.  And to take the pressure of airline tickets and vacation plans off as well.  Instead I will try for the RNR St. Louis.  It is a 5 hour drive and we have family there.  There are also several other races within a 5 hour drive that I could do around that time. 

This also will take off a little pressure while training in a Memphis summer....the humidity was 94% today at 9 a.m.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Day Late .....

But not a mile short.  Got my 4 miles in today instead, and boy did I need it.  Work has been kind of nuts and today was no exception.  So I was ready to hit the park.  There was some group of kids and moms and they were all gathered around a spot on the running/walking trail, so I decided to detour out into the neighborhood.  Lots more shade and something different as well.  Also a few hills and I guess better training than going around and around the same .9 mile surface.

The heat is still here, but it wasn't awfully humid.  I'm still a sweaty girl when I finish.

Did the Runner's Core Level 1.1 again too.  I really felt it in my abs last time, and this time will be no exception.  But I also was able to do all the sit-ups today so that is a win.  The cats want to help - cat hair + sweaty girl + yoga mat = yuck.  Just in case you were wondering.

Ordered Prancer (aka Mr. Dancer) a couple of new pair of shorts from Road Runner Sports.  They have wonderful customer service, a great shoe finder, and their prices aren't half bad either.  Both of us got new shoes from them this year - him the Brooks Beast which he really loves for its excellent support and width, and the Asics Gel Kayano 19 for me.  I'm really an Asics girl at heart I guess - their shoes seem to just melt onto my feet.  They also have a wider width (I've been told I have big feet for a female runner - how rude!!).

Anyway, I also ordered myself a new fuel belt thing and also some salt caps.  I've heard good things about salt caps, and since I tend to be an empty runner and have a very hard time taking in anything but water during a run I hope that they will be helpful this summer as both temps and distances increase.

I'm going to go get in the shower so I can go to bed with wet hair again tonight.  Fun times.  Until Wednesday - keep dancing!