Monday, June 3, 2013

A Day Late .....

But not a mile short.  Got my 4 miles in today instead, and boy did I need it.  Work has been kind of nuts and today was no exception.  So I was ready to hit the park.  There was some group of kids and moms and they were all gathered around a spot on the running/walking trail, so I decided to detour out into the neighborhood.  Lots more shade and something different as well.  Also a few hills and I guess better training than going around and around the same .9 mile surface.

The heat is still here, but it wasn't awfully humid.  I'm still a sweaty girl when I finish.

Did the Runner's Core Level 1.1 again too.  I really felt it in my abs last time, and this time will be no exception.  But I also was able to do all the sit-ups today so that is a win.  The cats want to help - cat hair + sweaty girl + yoga mat = yuck.  Just in case you were wondering.

Ordered Prancer (aka Mr. Dancer) a couple of new pair of shorts from Road Runner Sports.  They have wonderful customer service, a great shoe finder, and their prices aren't half bad either.  Both of us got new shoes from them this year - him the Brooks Beast which he really loves for its excellent support and width, and the Asics Gel Kayano 19 for me.  I'm really an Asics girl at heart I guess - their shoes seem to just melt onto my feet.  They also have a wider width (I've been told I have big feet for a female runner - how rude!!).

Anyway, I also ordered myself a new fuel belt thing and also some salt caps.  I've heard good things about salt caps, and since I tend to be an empty runner and have a very hard time taking in anything but water during a run I hope that they will be helpful this summer as both temps and distances increase.

I'm going to go get in the shower so I can go to bed with wet hair again tonight.  Fun times.  Until Wednesday - keep dancing!

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