Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Something that doesn't involve fiber

So about two years ago I suddenly decided that I was going to run.  Yes, me.  Stop laughing.

No really.  Stop laughing.

So I worked my way through a 5k in October of 2010, then several other 5k "races" in 2011, and decided in 2012 to run a half marathon.  After a brief layoff due to injury, I completed my first 13.1 in November 2012.

I call them "races" because I am not going to win any awards for speed.  I'm slow, but I hope to get faster.  If I don't I'll just keep being slow.

This year's goal - to run 300 miles.   I ran 233 last year, and that was with an injury.  It's only 25 miles a month right :)

Because so many of the challenges I sign up for online ask for your blog, and my Medieval Needle blog isn't really pertinent, I started over.

So, let's run.  I promise it will be fun.

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