Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So I'm a quitter....

Of sorts.  I quit the running group.  It just was not for me.  I'm a solo runner at heart.  I need my space and my head time.  I need to go out and set my own limits and push or not.  And I really need my schedule to be very flexible - if I need to scoot my 3 miles from Wednesday to Thursday then I don't need to feel guilty for it.  Finally, I need to not have a long run on Monday nights.  Sheesh.  Mondays are hard enough.

So, I'm running with my best friend, training partner, and soul (sole?) mate - my husband.  He is not really a runner - usually he bikes and is my support team with water and smiles to help me through my longer runs.  But he's learning.  And he's running.  Tonight we did 2 miles, and he pushed with me.  Not a bad time for a run neither of us was really into in the first place.  I will be so glad when we have light in the evenings again.  And when somebody puts the heat on out there again.

Tonight I had my first real car scare.  This large (Pathfinder?) thing came by, swung into a cove and was making a u turn in a rapid manner.  I didn't trust him, so I jumped up in a yard.  And promptly rolled my ankle and sat down.  Didn't hurt much more than my pride, but I might need some liniment for that.  I got back up and ran on, and a less than a minute later they went roaring past me again, with another car in pursuit.  I'll never understand people who see the need to play games of tag and chase in cars.  Anyway, made it home safe and sound, but will continue to be careful out there!!

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