Thursday, March 21, 2013

21 Days

Today is day 21 of Intuitive Eating.  I am not calling it a "challenge" anymore because really it is a lifestyle change, not a temporary challenge.

I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle on my emotions and why I eat when I am not hungry.  I'm starting to figure out ways to go around that, and to keep it from happening.  And sometimes that actually means dealing with why I feel stressed or tired or sad.

I'm starting to not give food the power to convince me that I am hungry when I am not.  Or that I need one more bite.  I'm a big girl. If I get hungry later, I know where to find more food.

I'm starting to understand that emotionally a doughnut is the same as an apple - both are food and neither should have an emotional good or bad value.  The only questions are am I hungry and is that what I am craving?

Still a process, still learning, still going to keep challenging myself and the way I think.  But when a friend at work kept saying "somebody eat that piece of doughnut left so I don't have to" I realized that it had NO power over me anymore.  I didn't care if there was half or a whole box - I didn't want one mentally.  And that is where the "challenge" comes in.

I'm sure I will have ups and downs.  I'm sure that some days I will eat emotionally and know I'm doing it and not care. But life is a process all the way.  And it's nice to stop using food as at crutch, diets as an excuse and allowing myself to fail because I didn't really want to try in the first place. 

Food is food.  Life is too short.  Go play.

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  1. I was thinking about signing up for this in APril. I feel like it's something I generally do, but love having someone else guiding me along with their thoughts on the process