Monday, March 25, 2013

A pathological fear of wallpaper

Is that possible?  I think I am developing one.

While Mark took the master bedroom from this:

To this:

I took the dining room wallpaper from this:

To this:

I still have a wall and a half to go, and I'm at 10 hours of stripping.  With a steamer, up and down a ladder.  So I'm giving myself credit for 90 minutes of the 6 hours I spent on Saturday lifting a 5 pound steamer up and down.  I'm going to have great shoulders for summer at this rate.

I have been really good with the water, but horrible with the fruits and veggies.

All in all, Spring Bootie Buster has been pretty much a bust for me.  Then again, spring has been pretty much a bust at this point since it's still cold and wet and gross here.

Here's to a better week!

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